• 2 Ways To Segment Your Local Business Email List: Part I

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    #LocalBusiness #Email List: Part I
    Building an #emaillist is one thing,
    but managing it effectively is another thing.
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    2 Ways To Segment Your Local Business Email List: Part I

    Building an email list is one thing, but managing it effectively is another thing altogether. It’s easy to be proud of a list of 10,000 but can you answer the following questions:

    • Which of the subscribers have purchased your products or services?
    • Which of the subscribers has bought low-priced and high-priced items?
    • Which of the subscribers has never bought anything from you?
    • Which of the subscribers has bought from a particular product line?
    • Which of the subscribers did you source from Facebook, from your website or from guest posts?

    email list

    As you can see there is more than meets the eye in email list management. One of the crucial things every local business owner must do is to segment his email list into different categories. Here are 2 ways you can segment your list:

    1. By product range

    If your local business has various product or service lines then this is a great way to subdivide your list. For example, a hospital has different medical service linesn such as dental, maternity, diabetes, urology, cancer etc. By dividing their large email list into these different categories they will be able to tailor their email marketing efforts in a more customized way. They can inform clients on the maternity email list about antenatal classes and send another type of email to cancer patients who may be more interested in content about new cancer treatment. This will definitely improve the conversion rates from the email as they will now be more relevant to the specific target audience.

    2. By product value

    product value

    The benefit of segmenting your list by product value is that you can send the right offers to the right income group. If you own jewelry or watch store, there’s a big difference between a Casio and a Rolex watch. If you sell cars, a Toyota Camry is worlds apart from a Toyota Lexus Cruiser. Since past behavior is an indication of future behavior, its best to promote low priced items to those who have purchased them before and likewise with high priced items. By doing so you will notice greater sales conversion rates for your local business.


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