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    5 Tricks to Grow Your Facebook Page Fans

    Your fans are the core to your Facebook Page being successful. But building those fans and ‘Likes’ can be quite a challenge. Let’s look at 5 tricks to grow your Facebook Page Fans.

    Trick #1 Use Social Media
    The use of social media channels like LinkedIn, Google+ or Twitter are a great way to encourage people to visit your Facebook page. These are free marketing tools that you should take advantage of. In addition to direct posts, make sure that you occasionally cross post from one to the other. Twitter only allows 140 characters so make good use of them.

    Trick #2 Take Advantage of Public Events
    Often overlooked, yet a powerful tool that can be a great way to spread the word. If you are doing public speaking be sure you include your Facebook Page URL on the slide show as it makes it easy for people to connect. If you attend network meetings this is a great time to encourage members to ‘Like’ your Facebook Page and become fans.

    Trick #3 Fan Page Fridays
    On Facebook, there are Pages that host Fan Page Friday events. If you are participating, you will be encouraged to stop by the page on a specific date to introduce your business to everyone that’s participating and then tag their page in the post. The idea is that you will work through all the comments and ‘Like’ each of the participating pages who will in turn ‘Like’ your page. A word of caution. Only participate in local events, because if you land up with tons of international fans, it could actually lower your EdgeRank score. In addition, if others hide your news feed posts because they only wanted the ‘Like’ from you and aren’t interested in your business, could hurt you.

    Trick #4 Encourage Check Ins on Your Facebook Page
    For anyone who has a brick and mortar business, you should enable check ins on your Facebook page, and then remind customers to check in when they are in your premises. You can even include an incentive like offering a discount.

    Trick #5 Make Use of Signage
    When customers visit your brick and mortar business, you can create signage for in your store that allows customers to ‘Like” your page using a text message. Your signage would look something like this. “Text Like (insert Facebook Page name) to 34587. Test this on your cell phone first before you commit your budget to this. You can also develop signage that includes your social media icons.

    These 5 tricks work great to grow your Facebook Page fans.

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