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About Ask8 & Our Support

If you want to learn more about us, you’re in the right place. 1st Ask8.com is a DBA owned by CAPOR, LLC.  A Digital Marketing and Real Estate Consulting firm.  

Read how we help you learn how to grow your business.


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Profit Beacon

Is Your Local Business Support Community, that will provide a ton of info to help you with your local digital marketing strategies & provides all of our clients with a support group

Linkedin Page

Another social network to help you brand yourself or company and learn how to use digital marketing to drive your businesses bottom line

We Believe In Support & Education

Any one can offer internet marketing services like we do. But only a businessman like Auggie Diaz, and his team @ Ask8 can provide you, the local business, the services & training to support your profitability and grow your bottom line!

Why listen to Auggie & The Ask8 community? Well, you really don’t have to lol.  But he is a successful business man of over 25+ years, 15 years in digital marketing, runs a small real estate team and has a passion to teach anyone that will listen, which is why he created Profit Beacon.  But hey you go and listen to your cousin, the guy that builds websites from his basement & says he knows SEO & tell us how that goes lol. 

Now, what the heck is Profit Beacon, it is the brainchild of Auggie Diaz.   It’s his way to educate & supports his visitors & clients.  As the Senior Consultant for Ask8, A Digital Marketing firm out of NY, which is a DBA under CAPOR, LLC.  Profit Beacon is a community that provides local business a place to chat, learn and educate themselves in the art of digital marketing for local businesses.  We have private/public groups, forums and blog articles, & so much more.