Building A Brand

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Building A Brand is hard....we make it easier!

During our Brand Consultation we establish a few things that helps us build your brand.  Here is a few things we learn.  We establish your brands target audience & demographics.  Then we establish your brand mission statement, which is the heart of your brand. Then we find the major difference between what your brand brings to the table vs what your competitors do.  This is called your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).  Once we have established these and a few other important factors,  It’s time to build your brand!

Time is money and if you don’t have a custom website that is SEO ready, speed optimized, mobile friendly and as unique as your brand message, then you need our custom web design service.  What, you can’t afford it, what you mean to say is, you can’t afford not to do it!

I understand if you feel a custom web design is not what you need because of your services and budget.  We get it, we don’t want you to give up anything, so we present an affordable option using Pre-Made Web Templated Designs.  Basically, these are ready to go websites that we edit for you.

building your digital marketing plan

Lead & Listing Pages

When you are trying to deliver a message or service to one group of customers, you need a lead page, its a simple 1 page site that delivers your service or message.  It can be a house listing page, or a page selling a service, a page giving out an ebook to gather leads.  Lead pages are a must!

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Are you a Real Estate agent, insurance agent or local service provider?  If you are not a “Company” then your brand is more personal and your branding should be as personal.  Sometimes all your need are some simple branding tools.  So we have a full personal branding service Just for you.  

Social Media is where your customers are and that is where you need to be.  What we do is setup all your social media for you, but more importantly we take your brand, your logo, and your brand message and build out your social media network, making it drive sales and leads to your site or business

You can’t have a brand and not have a logo that is unique and speaks to your customer base.  I am sure we have all heard the saying “Pictures paint a 1,000s words“, well it’s more true today.  We all see this in social media and even blog post.  we use more images to speak to our customers., so let’s paint your customers a picture! 

If you had a option of reading a long article or watching a 1 to 2 min video, which would you choose?  I would bet most of us would choose a video, Why? Let’s face it watching a video is so much easier and it speaks your message more effectively then most other forms of media.  Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  You need to create some videos to speak volumes about your business or brand.

Content is still king.  Quality content in any format can and will help you gain organic ranking on search engines.  You just have to know how to do it.   Google loves content and content can establish you as the expert in your area.  We can create branded content in any format, blog post, press releases, email campaigns, sale page content and so much more.   

We are always doing research on more brand building ideas that will help you grow your business.  Here are a few services we are working on providing you very soon,  like Setting up a community site on Facebook, setting you up on Amazon to sell your products,  And Keller Williams Agents, we have a whole lot of services coming out for your guys   


We pride ourselves in providing you with the greatest service, before, during & after your project.  No matter if you order a simple project or a monthly marketing plan.  Our aim is to ensure you are a happy client that has profited from our services.  

building your brand

You are in the digital age, if you are not marketing your local business using digital marketing strategies then you are being left behind.  We can’t believe how many local businesses still have no website or an updated website,  aren’t using social media, have no clue why they need logos, videos and content.  Let’s show you a bit as to why it’s important fort you.

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Time is money

Your local business can’t wait any longer to set up a digital marketing plan.  Why because your competitors are already doing it.  Why do we know,  because we and agencies like ours are working with them as you read this.  Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  Sure, you can wait, after all you have nothing to lose, right?  Only your business!

Lets discuss your needs/problems, we won’t charge for it and virtual coffee is on us!

Local SEO Marketing

You need to know what is local SEO and brand marketing.  You need to know why it is important for your leads, sales and traffic.  You need to ensure you are setting yourself and company up for success.  You need to set up a free 60 min consultation to answer these and any other questions you have!