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We'd love to help and provide you with the perfect solutions for your digital marketing goals.

Our Digital Marketing Consulting Services

Are meant to help establish your brands message.  We will review your brands niche and establish a targeted audience.  Then we ask you to think a bit and find out what is your brands mission statement.  Then we can move into what makes you and your services unique. By doing this we will establish your Unique Selling Proposition.  Once we get this info and a bit more, Then we can move onto Building A Brand for you!

digital marketing consultation

Let’s chat via phone, screen-share or smoke signals, whatever format makes you feel comfy.  This 60 min or less consult we will review your needs and goals, & you can pick my brain to see if you like what’s inside.  Warning it can be scary in there lol.    

So, if you were sick, would you go to the doctors office?  YES! Of course you would.  So, why if your website is sick, wouldn’t you go see a website doctor?  Well hello, I am Website Doctor Auggie and I am in.  Click below to learn more about manual site review

building your digital marketing plan

Google My Business, when optimized, can drive a ton of leads, visitors and sales.   Do you know about 40% of businesses have not claimed their GMB?  And a HUGE chunk of local businesses haven’t optimized their GMB page correctly. 

Before you invest in marketing or a new web design, you want to ensure you will get a solid ROI from it.  Take a few min’s to check out our Marketing & Site Design ROI tool.  

If you are a Keller Williams Real Estate Agent, then you know that KW Command is ready for you to use.  But you have no clue how to use it?  Have no fear we can teach ya.

Profit Beacon is our learning & coaching community.  We have a ton of info in various formats.  But most importantly we have various ways to help coach you on Digital Marketing. 


We pride ourselves in providing you with the greatest service, before, during & after your project.  No matter if you order a simple project or a monthly marketing plan.  Our aim is to ensure you are a happy client that has profited from our services.  

Consulting Can Help!

We ask advice from a ton of different people daily.  So why won’t you just take a moment and ask help or advice for your business?  Nearly 80% of your families wealth is tied into your business.  You owe it to them, to get help when you need it.  If you are on our site, than you need us!  Why Should You Seek Our A DIgital Marketing Consultant?  

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Time is money

Your local business can’t wait any longer to set up a digital marketing plan.  Why because your competitors are already doing it.  Why do we know,  because we and agencies like ours are working with them as you read this.  Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.  Sure, you can wait, after all you have nothing to lose, right?  Only your business!

Lets discuss your needs/problems, we won’t charge for it
and virtual coffee is on us

Local SEO Marketing

You need to know what is local SEO and brand marketing.  You need to know why it is important for your leads, sales and traffic.  You need to ensure you are setting yourself and company up for success.  You need to set up a free 60 min consultation to answer these and any other questions you have!