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    Some Easy Ways to Integrate Social Commerce Into Your Business Model Today

    Social commerce is essentially eCommerce + social. In short, that means adding a social element to your existing business model through sites like Facebook and Twitter or by simply adding them to your own site.

    It goes much deeper than that though and in fact there are countless ways you can add a social element to pretty much any business. What’s more, when done right, this can have a huge impact on your number of sales, as well as on your exposure. So the question is: how do you get started and begin to take advantage of this new idea?

    Add Customer Reviews

    One easy thing you can do right now to add a social element to your eCommerce business is to let your customers leave reviews. While this might seem daunting at first, it can build a lot of trust in your products and services as well as applying some social pressure. If someone sees a positive review, they’ll feel more confident to buy and at the same time, they will feel the desire to jump on board and get involved!

    Get On Other Review Sites

    Not sure how to go about adding reviews to your website? Then just take advantage of an existing review site. For instance, how about getting your business on Yelp or on TripAdvisor? This way you can get more feedback and more exposure.

    Add a “Share This Purchase” Feature

    That social influence thing really is a powerful concept – as any psychologist will tell you. When we know other people have something, we tend to want it more ourselves automatically.

    To take advantage of this then, just add the ability for your shoppers to share news of their purchase to their Facebook or Twitter account.

    Add a Forum

    Add a forum to your website or at least a comments section and you give your customers the ability to speak with you directly as well as with other shoppers. This is a highly powerful feature because it facilitates the growth of a community around your products and services. This in turn means that people will feel more committed to what you’re selling and they will be much more likely to want to become fans of your products rather than just consumers.

    Go on a Voucher Site

    Voucher sites like Groupon take advantage of “Group Buying” which is a powerful sCommerce concept in order to offer their customers discounts. It also results in big sales and tons of exposure for you as a seller!


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