• Email Marketing FAQ’s

  • Email Marketing FAQ's

    What exactly is an email marketing plan?  An email marketing plan is put together to help achieve your marketing goals. It takes into account the types of marketing emails you need to create and how often you need to send them out. It is also more commonly referred to as an email marketing campaign.

    There are different types of email marketing campaigns. From welcome campaigns to promotional campaigns; it is important to establish which types of emails will be used and on which occasions.

    When you hire us, we’ll help you come up with a complete email marketing plan that best fits your needs. 

    Just how effective can email marketing be?  If you’ve been sending emails for a long time without any results, your faith in them is likely non-existent. However, when done correctly, you’ll be surprised just how effective email marketing can be.

    We have helped hundreds of businesses in various sectors grow their businesses using this tried and true marketing strategy. Due to the fact that it significantly boosts sales, keeps existing customers coming back for more, and drives a lot of website traffic, email marketing isn’t going away anytime soon.

    In fact, out of all of the different marketing methods out there, email marketing holds one of the highest levels of potential.

    Do you provide a customer list?  Yes! If you need help building an email subscriber list, we will help you create your list-building funnel from scratch.  

    How often should I be sending emails? You will find a lot of contradictory information online about how often you should send marketing emails. Send too many and you will be penalized for spam, send too little and you’ll see very few results. It all boils down to your TYPE of business – but at least one email per week is good for most.

    What days should I send my emails?  Statistics show that marketing emails are more effective when sent out mid-week. Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays seem to attract a much higher open and click-through rate. There’s even evidence to suggest that sending the emails out early in the morning or just before close of business generates the best results.

    Of course, the best way to establish which days and times work best for your business is to monitor your results. We supply an analysis of results each month. We advise you to really look at these monthly reports to establish whether improvements can be made. 

    How much will it cost?  Due to the varied nature of email marketing, it is impossible to give a set figure for how much it will cost. We will discuss your specific requirements including the nature of the emails you require and how frequently you want them to be created. We offer a completely unique service which is tailored to suit each client. Once we have discussed your needs, we will give you a free, no obligations quote.

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