How Do I Get More Engagement On My Facebook Business Page?

How Do I Get More Engagement On My Facebook Business Page?

Starting a Facebook page is easy, but growing the page is difficult. It can be extremely frustrating when you don’t see any results.  For this, engagement is more important to witness results. Facebook engagement happens only when your post makes an impact on the people which kindles an involvement and persuades them to respond. The experts from digital marketing agency New York say that the posts that generate more curiosity are likely to get more attention. However, the goal of most businesses is to have their posts shared as the content is all set to reach a whole new audience.

Are you wondering what types of posts and content will work to create engagement on your Facebook Business page? Read on to know more –

  • Post on Perfect Times – According to the research by zephoria, “66 billion people on average log onto Facebook daily and are considered daily active users.” They access either on their mobile devices or from their computers. However the usage of FB depends on the audience. The best time to post is at 9:00am when people have just started to work. Also, Facebook has witness higher click through rates between 11:00 a.m. to 12 p.m., when the users are at their lunch break. Thursday to Sunday are considered to be the best days to publish a post on Facebook.
  • Focus on customer–centric Contents – Don’t focus all your contents related to your brand, product or services. Your customer might like you or your brand, but they might not be ready to hear about you all the time. So, post contents that your audience will love. The digital marketing agency New York mentions that, once you implement this strategy, your Facebook engagement is all set to become more realistic.
  • Try Adding Videos – Videos have been identified to perform best on Facebook in terms of engagement. According to Locowise, “Facebook video reached 16.7% of the total audience on average, while YouTube videos reached 11%.” This shows the level of engagement that video gains for your brand through Facebook. Here are some important tips from local SEO Company New York to get the most out of your videos – (i) Add captions and hashtags to the video (ii) Try Square Videos on Facebook.
  • Ask for Opinions – People comment on the posts when they want to add their opinion about something. Asking for opinions is the best way to offer a chance to the audience to communicate their thoughts. Share relevant news or a blog post and ask your page followers to communicate their opinion.

Always remember that being creative and attractive is more important to create engagement on Facebook. Looking to create more Engagement for your Facebook page? Discuss with the experts at local SEO services New York to understand the tactics that will boost your page views.

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