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What The Heck Is A Local Directory Marketing & Why Should I care lol

Find Out Why Local Buzz & local directory marketing Placement Is So Important To Your Local Business.

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What Does Local Directory Marketing Do?

1st and foremost it creates NAP (Name, Address & Phone) citations. According to some recent studies, NAP citations for local businesses have a huge positive influence on the site’s rankings in Google local search. They have become one of the top local search ranking factors these days. The study also reveals that businesses with the highest number of citations tend to rank first on Google for local search.
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The most influential and websites that display citations are,

Insights from the Experts

“Remember, quality is always better than quantity. For businesses trying to cultivate a strong local presence online, building a collection of quality citations is crucial. Authoritative citations can improve a business’s visibility and help it rise above competitors in search results.”
Bernadette Coleman
Advice Local
The best citations are those that are most likely to be seen by people who have the potential to become your customers

Mary Bowling
Ignitor Digital
Like links to your website, Google uses local citations when evaluating the online authority of your business.

Mark Walter
Local SEO expert

Local Directory Listings Services

Have you ever done an online search for your own business? What did you see? Is the information that appears accurate and up-to-date? Most importantly, is your business listed near the top of the various local directory listings for your industry? If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then you have a little work to do when it comes to establishing a stronger, more powerful online presence.

What is a Local Listing Directory?

A local directory is an online site created by various search engine providers – as well as other sources – as means of giving businesses a marketing avenue to connect with local consumers in specific geographic areas. These directories provide pertinent information about your business such as your contact information, website link, product and service information, hours of operations, videos, and other details. Some of the most popular local directory listing sites include Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yelp, SuperPages, and many others.

Why Local Listings?

Consumers today use the Internet as the primary way of searching for the products, services and businesses they want. Most of us flock to our favorite search engine, such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, and type some keywords related to what we’re looking for. Each of these search engines has its own local directory algorithm that determines which businesses within your niche and geographic area will appear at the top of the list when prospective customers conduct a search. The companies that show up first will capture the majority of those leads. Due to the massive popularity of mobile internet usage, an estimated 90% of people who conduct online searches do so from their smartphones, tablets & other devices. Even more importantly, many of these mobile searchers are ready to take immediate action – some making a purchase from a business they found that same day. By claiming and updating your local listings on sites such as Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and Yelp, and you put your business one step closer to being connected with hot leads.

With numerous local listings that are claimed, verified, and optimized, you can expect:

  • Higher rankings in the search results
  • More citations to contribute to your SEO
  • Better connection with both desktop AND mobile users
  • A stronger online reputation by way of customer reviews
  • Consistent and accurate information about your business across the board
  • Connection with more leads as they are actively searching for your type of product or service

What We Do

We help you increase leads by capturing the majority of web users looking for businesses like yours in your specific geographic area. Our expert team of SEO marketers will collect your relevant information – including images, photos, keywords, phone numbers, street addresses, hours of operation, and so forth – and then standardize this among all online platforms. We will then optimize your business for local search success by integrating this information with the most popular keywords for your business’s niche.

Our listing services include:

  • Google My Business, Bing Local, Yahoo Local, and other local search engines
  • Online directories such as Yelp!, Angie’s List, Foursquare and others
  • Social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others
  • … and much more

Ready to Get Started?

Our goal is to help you connect with ready-to-buy local consumers who can’t find your business. It’s time to take a major step towards improving your online visibility as well as boosting your bottom line… Contact us today for your FREE, no-obligation consultation!


What Is Local Directory Marketing?

Local Directory Marketing is the most effective way to attract the potential leads and present to them the products and services that they might buy. Thus, the Local Business Directory effectively connects with the customers who are more likely to spend money with your business. Most people, when they are looking out for a product/service, they also look to find help with local business to solve a problem. Moreover, these days, people look for local services online through their smart phones or desktops, so it is vital for a business to be on various 3rd Party Review sites, Directory listings, Google My Business and Video Marketing for your business to be found easily. Call 718-865-8859 to know more.

How Do I Optimize My Business For Local Searches?

Local Search is one best way to get your business to be seen by the enthusiastic customers in the local area. As a first step, you have to claim and set-up your local business listings on Google My Business, Bing, Yelp, and the most popular niche Local Business Directories. Most of the listings in the directories are free to claim, but you need to carefully set them up without any mistakes, as it is difficult to revamp them, once when done. So, be careful with the business name, Address, Phone Number, URL and any important keyword that your customer would use to search your business. Want to optimize your business for local searches? Call 718-865-8859 to know more.

What Is Meant By ‘Local Search’?

Local Search makes use of the geographic tag. This is the best way in which search engines effectively deliver appropriate results for products, services or businesses that is located within a geographical area. Businesses that hold a physical location – e.g. Plumbers, restaurants, dentists etc., can accumulate great benefits by enhancing their web presence for the local searches. The increasing number of online Local Business Directory can help business establish a great local presence. The search engines – Google, Bing, and Yahoo allow the local business to build a local business listing online with the up to date information about their business, with a link back to their website and a map displaying their physical location. Looking to improve the local search of your business? Call 718-865-8859 for more details.

Why local listing is important?

Local listing plays a very important role in enhancing the online presence, reputation and revenue of your business.

  • They help grow your business fast – Local Directory Marketing helps establish your online presence and reach the local customers easily.
  • Get to the top position – Promoting your business in Local Business Directory has many advantages – it creates great business opportunity for the local businessmen.
  • Enhances your Brand’s image.
  • Builds trust – your online presence will help build trust for your brand and the good reviews mentioned on the listing will encourage your prospective buyers to buy your products.
  • This will also improve your Local SEO ranks.
  • Your potential customers will locate your physical business easily with local listings.

How Long Does It Take For My Business To Show Up On Google?

It normally takes about 1 to 2 weeks to get live and comply with the searches by name and phone number on the Google maps. The listing gets live within 1 week after PIN verification. While it might take another 2 to 3 weeks to appear for the keyword searches and help with the Local Directory Marketing. Wish to know more about Google My Business page? Call 718-865-8859 for more details.

How Do You Get Listed Higher On Google for Local SEO?

There are a few important factors which will help with your Local Directory Marketing, they are –

  • Precise Data – All the business information that you put forth on the 3rd party review websites, local listings and directories have to be consistent and precise. Especially the Name of your business, Address, Postal code, Phone Number and website Information has to be consistent and up-to-date on every Local Business directory.
  • Comprehensive Listing – Make sure to complete every local listing, don’t leave them incomplete. Include the areas where you have to include videos, keywords, descriptions and any additional information about your business. The more data you include about your business, the more information a searcher gest about your business, and he gets to understand more about your business, by which you are gaining trust in the minds of your customer.
  • Up-to-date information – If you are offering any special offers/discounts in business, keep your searchers updated with the information. Always respond to any customer queries, so visit the listing pages often and keep it updated.

Which is better Local SEO or Adwords?

You should be doing both in a tactful way, as both help in getting the best returns for your business. With Adwords you can grab a place in page 1 right away, but you must be ready to pay for every click. SEO is economical and steady, but it might take a long time to witness the results. Moreover, if you are looking to understand what queries led to clicks on your website, running an AdWords campaign is a good way to understand the user behavior. Talk to an expert in Local SEO today at 718-865-8859 and discuss the potential opportunities for your business.

What is Review Velocity?

A review of your customer is one of the top ranking factors in Local SEO. It affects the way companies are ranked in Google’s search results. Having great customer reviews helps build trust in the minds of the customer. Review velocity refers to the incidence of reviews created on a particular review site. This is one of the important factors which determine the effect of reviews on local SEO. Talk to a Local Directory Marketing expert today at 718-865-8859 and discover the possible opportunities.

Do citations help Local SEO?

Local citations are considered to be the backbone of any good local SEO strategy, as they help evaluate your authenticity and popularity of your business online. The more accurate your citations are, the better will your website rank. Contact an expert in Local Business Directory, to evaluate your citations, call 718-865-8859 now!

Will Social Media help in SEO?

Though Google’s ranking algorithm does not consider social media, it can still prove to be a highly valuable SEO tool. This is because, a healthy social media presence with regular posts, helps create a lot of engagement and brings in a lot of referral traffic to your website. Learn how to make best use of Social Media, Talk to our experts in Local SEO today! Call 718-865-8859 for more details.