• Local SEO FAQs

  • What is Local Search Engine Optimization?  Local Search Engine Optimization has significantly grown in popularity over the past decade. This is largely down to the increased use of electronic devices to find local businesses online.  Local SEO is a complex, yet a necessary process that ensures people in your area can find you online.

    It involves a range of methods and techniques which help search engines find and rank you, such as keyword optimization, on-page optimization, link building, citation building, content marketing, and much more.

    Do I need local SEO?  No matter what industry you work in or where you are located, it is highly likely that you need local SEO if your goal is to attract local consumers. If you’re a small business, mainly operating offline, local SEO can assure that you’re bringing in as much local business as possible.  

    You use the term NYC SEO, does that mean you only do NYC SEO?  No, not at all, We are an NYC internet marketing consulting firm and what you see there is a bit of Local SEO at work.  When you are trying to rank on local search engines for a particular keyword, hmmm let's say "SEO NYC."  Then you use certain terms in & on your page.  But we do local SEO in any town in the USA

    Isn’t it something I could do myself?  It isn’t impossible to do local Search Engine Optimization yourself. However, it is extremely difficult. There are so many things that you need to do if you want to make sure you rank highly in local results. Not to mention the time it takes to do your research, implement techniques, monitor progress, and maintain your strategy. There are also a lot of mistakes you can make if you’re inexperienced in this type of marketing, which could stall your efforts altogether.

    How quickly will I see results?  This does vary. rarely businesses have seen results within a few days, so please make note of this. Others have seen results in weeks, whereas most have seen more long-term benefits over a period of 5 to 9 months. The speed of your results will depend upon how competitive your industry is and the level of local SEO required.

    Can you get me to the #1 spot on Google?  Unfortunately, it isn’t possible for us, or any other Local Search Engine Optimized services to guarantee the number one spot on Google. The leading search engine has even issued a statement telling businesses to be aware of any company claiming they can guarantee the number one spot.

    What we can guarantee is that your rankings will improve significantly. We have years of experience and have helped hundreds of different companies improve their rankings.

    How much will it cost me?  As we offer a range of local SEO services, the cost will depend on your company’s needs. It’s impossible to give a price without first discussing your needs and getting a feel for the type of business you run. We customize our service for each of our clients rather than offering set-cost standard packages.

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