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Why work with any digital marketing team?  When you can work with a digital marketing team that’s whole purpose is to do marketing for real estate agents.  Oh did we mention that our senior marketing consultant owns a real estate team?

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Who are we and what do we do?

We are a Results-Driven Internet Marketing Agency New York that specializes in marketing for real estate agents.  We use the latest in real estate content marketing, social media posting for all areas of real estate, blog content creation for real estate agents, and video marketing for real estate agents.  

Real Estate Web Design

A well designed site with call to actions and good content will drive leads.

Content For Real Estate

To be a local community expert you need quality real estate driven content

Video Marketing For Real Estate 

Video marketing is the hottest way to drive leads into your sales funnel

Professional Consulting

You job is to close listings and buyers.  Our job is to provide everything else. 

Custom Marketing Plans

We listen to your needs & goals then we create your real estate marketing plan.

Real Estate Social Media

Marketing to your the local community making you an expert.

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Future Proof & Advanced Technology Web development & branding for real estate agents

Your Brand is like a tree, the website is the tree trunk and the heart of your brand and all the various marketing techniques are what feeds your Website (Tree) its nourishment.  You need to ensure your brand and website is as strong as an Oak Tree!

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>Marketing strategies for real estate agents

Marketing strategies for real estate agents

Operational & Functional Marketing strategies for real estate agents

When you see a For Sale By Owners, do you think, why are they trying to do something they are not trained in doing.  Yeah We hear ya.  So why do you think you know what it takes to market your brand.  FSBO’s need your strategies to sell their homes, you need our strategies & consulting to market your brand. 


performance focused & growth oriented digital marketing services for real estate agents

Without the proper watering and sunlight your tree will never grown strong.  This is the same about your “Website Tree”.  With out the proper real estate marketing services to drive leads, your website and brand will never grow strong.  


Advanced shop Development & Marketing tools for real estate agents

Not sure about what real estate services you need from us, no problem?  How about Marketing Tools picked out just for real estate agents.  There are a few key tools that will help your get the work out about your brand.   


You will get with us


Meet the Ask8 team

“Simply put, we here at Ask8 take all the projects we do for our clients and take them to heart.  Because we know, that behind every client, there is the clients family that are relying on their business to succeed, so that the family can succeed. “

Auggie Diaz Internet Marketing Consultant For Real Estate Agents

Auggie Diaz

Owner/Senior Consultant 

Here to help, Here to Coach, Here to Help You Succeed & make sure you hit your goals 

Christine Collura

Christine Gunzer 

Insurance Client Advisor

Once a Client Now Advises Our Insurance Clients and Keeps Our Books 

Laura Our Project Manager

Laura Su

Lead Project Manager 

She makes sure your project is done without any issues.  She makes your projects hit goal  

BK Diaz

Company Mascot

Company Morale Officer,  Company loafer and overall Bad Kitty lol & We Love Him

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You have to ask yourself, why work with a Digital marketing firm that knows marketing, but not real estate.  Working With Ask8 means you work with a marketing firm that are real estate agents!


Auggie is a wealth of knowledge and is constantly staying on top of the latest trends and methods of leveraging for marketing and operations tasks. Our agents have seen a lot of growth in their businesses because of the training Auggie has provided them.

Connor J Nolan
Team Leader/CEO at Keller Williams Realty Gold Coast

I’ve been working with Auggie for the past two years on our digital marketing strategy and his expertise as an internet marketing consultant has been awesome. Auggie “gets it” and supports my small business in extraordinary ways. Digital marketing isn’t easy, but Auggie has consistently made it understandable and deployable; breaking down complex subjects into bite-size “easy to digest”…..

Gordon Coyle – Owner Of The Coyle Group
Expert Commercial Insurance Broker

I have been extremely impressed with Ask8 both in results and in process. They are collaborative experts that care about driving results for their clients.

Joseph Heilner Advisor to Multiple Paul Mitchell Schools 

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What Are The Online Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents?

If you want to taste real success as a realtor in 2020 and keep up with the competition, you need a focused digital marketing strategy with several clear tactics. These most effective marketing tactics for realtors will help you step up your marketing game up.

  • Use Call Tracking In Paid Search Campaigns
  • Provide Incentives For Past Clients To Refer You To Future Homebuyers
  • Give A Local Care Package After Closing
  • Include Some Local-Oriented Keywords In Your Copy
  • Make Your Site Easy To Navigate
  • Create An Awesome Website.
  • Ask For Testimonials From Former Clients
  • Partner With Local Businesses
  • Get Branding
  • Host Free Seminars For Home Buyers
  • Saddle Up For Social Ads
  • Host A Webinar.
  • Use Emotional Storytelling
  • Consider Going Niche.
  • Build Your Google My Business Page
  • Create A Newsletter
  • Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly
  • Animated Video
  • Set Yourself Up For Social

Looking for online marketing strategies for real estate agents? Internet Marketing Consultant, the leading digital marketing agent is here!

How Digital Marketing Agency Help Implement The Online Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents?

No matter what you are selling or promoting, there is a lot of competition out there, and real estate agencies are no different. Digital trends keep changing rapidly and agencies need to keep trying different tactics and strategies every few days. It is essential to keep up with the latest digital trends in order to compete with other real estate agencies. All you have to do is, hire digital marketing agency that help implement the online marketing strategies for real estate agents.

  1. More social proof in the form of testimonials, reviews, comments, and shares will build online authority and higher ranking in local search results.
  2. Increased engagement with local businesses, renters, and homeowners will drive referral business
  3. Higher lead conversion and click-through rate means your content is engaging
  4. Relevant, local traffic from your geographic farm will help brand you as the neighborhood realty expert

To get these results, the digital marketing agent will implement the effective online marketing strategies for real estate agents by analyzing your website and business position.

What are the Effective Approaches to Real Estate Digital Marketing?

Real estate digital marketing possesses its own unique challenges to overcome. However, much like the highly tailored approaches other industries have developed, it can be done successfully for real estate too. Those online marketing strategies for real estate agents can be successfully implement only by the leading digital marketing agency.

  1. Customer engagement via YouTube videos and social media posts
  2. Acquiring customers through advertising on various platforms such as Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, lead nurturing techniques and influencer marketing
  3. Building a strong real estate brand through a website, social media marketing, content marketing and search engine optimization

To get those effective approaches to work, consider hiring the right digital marketing agency.

Why Realtors Are Adapting Real Estate Digital Marketing By Leaving Traditional Marketing?

The fast moving of people towards digital technology and changing market conditions have left no option for the realtors to shift from traditional to online marketing. Real estate online marketing comes up with a list of channels which can help you to reach your audience in a couple of minutes. It provides you with a list of options to select your Ad formats. Even it helps you in tracking your progress and work accordingly. With real estate digital marketing, it will be effortless for the realtors to engage an audience and gain the trust of the audience. More importantly, it provides you with the option to interact with the audience and encourage them to take your service or products. Real estate digital marketing eased the realtors to target their audience in a more precise way based on their- demographics, behavior, geographic, preference and interest.  Are you too

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What Are The Bulletproof Real Estate Marketing Ideas That Need To Know?

  1. Build a Professional Website

Build your website, focus on both aesthetics and functionality.

  1. Conduct 3D Matterport Scans

The Matterport 3D camera is one of the most effective tools you can use to market any type of real estate.

  1. Create Video Walkthroughs

While not as immersive as a Matterport 3D scan, video walkthroughs offer more insight into how a home is realistically represented.

  1. Create a Popular Blog

Create a useful blog about real estate and post in there often.

  1. Engage in Content Marketing

Content marketing is a great way to draw in visitors to your website and blog.

  1. Install Google Analytics

Setup Google Analytics so that you can track all sorts of metrics as they relate to your content and website’s visitors over time.

  1. Implement PPC Advertising

PPC, which stands for price-per-click, is a way of drawing in traffic to your site to market any home or condo or any other form of real estate you might be offering.

Implement these real estate marketing ideas professionally.