Old Brookville, New York, USA – Home to the Oldest Town in the United States

The oldest city in the state of New York, Old Brookville was originally founded in 1697. It is also the name of a town in the county of Westchester, in the Bronx. The town is located on a peninsula and the north shore of Long Island Sound. It is about thirty miles from Manhattan. Port Washington, NY can be seen here.

In the 1800s, a colony of French Huguenots settled in Old Brookville. As they were given the right to remain after the Pilgrims arrived, a number of them left and settled down in New York City. They became known as French immigrants and their homes were named after New York streets. Many of the French immigrants had children. This is the reason for the name Old Brookville, as the children grew up there. Discover facts about Why Live in North Hills, NY, USA.

There is a lot to see in Old Brookville, New York, USA, including the Old Post Office and the Old Stone House. Also, you can see the remains of a ferry terminal. The town is very historic and many of the residents speak French, English, and Spanish. Some of the residents speak Chinese and Italian. Because this area has been a part of American history since the beginning of the country, the town is known for its historic architecture.

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