Old Westbury, New York, USA – A Village in Nassau County

Old Westbury, New York, USA is a village located on the Long Island shore, in Nassau County, within the state of New York. The village population in 2020 was 4,691. The Town of Old Westby is located on both the town of Oyster Bay, and the town of North Hempstead, as of the 2020 US Census. Old Westby is also home to the Westbury Music Festival, which is held every May and October. Visit this link for more information.

The residents of Old Westby are known for their hospitality. There are many restaurants in Old Westby that offer a variety of cuisines. It is also a major shopping center. Shopping for clothing, books, jewelry and crafts can be done throughout the day at Westbury’s Westshore Mall. There are many other types of shops in Old Westby, including some that offer antique collectibles and antiques. Also, the Old Westby High School was named after the former town school that was known as the Westside High School. See here for information about Old Brookville, New York, USA – Home to the Oldest Town in the United States.

There are a number of historical sites and attractions in Old Westbury, New York. The oldest building is the Old Westington cemetery, which is approximately seventy-two feet deep. There is also a museum that was built in 1931 to display items that were found in the cemetery, as well as other items that may have been buried in Old Westby’s soil. Old Westby also has a museum called the Westby Art Museum. It houses a museum on the history of Westby, as well as art exhibits, artifacts and memorabilia. The Westin Hotel, which is located within Old Westby, also has an exhibit that showcases artifacts that were used by the town’s early settlers.

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