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    Understanding that the cost of a custom designed website can be out of reach for some small businesses,  Ask8 has provided a great alternative.  Welcome to our Pre-Designed Wordpress website packages.  Below you will see a list IT Consulting Based pre-made Wordpress designs.

    Each IT-based pre-made website is built through a rigorous process which includes an in-depth analysis of the particular business niche. This is to make sure the design contains what the requirements of the particular niche ask for regarding layout, initial content, and design. This really reduces the time to set up a professional online presence while at the same time significantly enhancing the quality of the layout, content, and design of your business website.

    Here Are Some Benefits Of Our Pre-Made Websites:

    • Conversion Ready Design
    • Lead Generating Elements
    • Relevant Royalty Free High-Resolution Images 
    • Ready to host
    • Fast turnaround for install
    • Hosted on our servers
    • Easy To Make Your Website Your Own
    • Save A lot over a custom design
    • Save up to 50% off any other of our Services

    Here Are Some Highlights of Our Pre-designs Websites:

    • Built With Wordpress The Largest & Easiest To Use Content Management System (CMS)
    • Easy To Use Page Builder
    • Quick Color Change and Control
    • Responsive Design
    • Easy To Us Blog
    • Fast Content Creation
    • Preselected & installed Plugins to help manage your website
    • Free 1 Hour Training website management
    • Videos installed on the backend to help continue training

    Some Discounted Options Available To You:

    • Branding Package Logo, Social Headers, Social Networks created & More!
    • On Page SEO to take these designs to the next level
    • Explainer Video Production to show off your expertise
    • Need the Content for the pages created, No Problem.
    • Starter Blog Package
    • Free Marketing Consultation.  Because when you build it, they might not come :)

    All of our IT-based Pre-made website designs are fully optimized for mobile devices, no matter what the screen resolution. This way you're certain that visitors to your site get the best user experience possible. On top of that, we've made sure that each and every individual building block you're able to use renders perfectly no matter where you place them. So expanding your site beyond its initial activation will not break the mobile layout.

    Since these designs are pre-made for an IT-based type of businesses,  the cost for a full website will be less than our custom web design packages.  We can tweak each design to fit your exact services so when looking at the designs,  Think out of the box.    

    Please feel free to click on the images below to view a demo the design you like for your small business,  once you find a design you love, click the next ICON to be taken to our contact page so you can reach out and chat with us about setting up your pre-made design 

  • What You Get With Our Pre-Made Website Designs

    Please note to help with keeping the cost of these designs down, the idea is to keep editing down to a minimum, but that doesn't mean we can't edit or tweak the site a bit to your liking.  

    • For the one time cost You get A Ready to host a full WordPress website.
    • One Year of hosting on state of the art Wordpress specialty servers
    • Website maintenance by us & servers are supported by one of the largest hosting companies in the world.
    • All Websites are hosted on Secure Site SSL
    • All Websites Have DDoS Protection
    • Malware Scanning & Protection
    • Manual Backups
    • Pre-installed royalty free images to get you ready right away.
    • Pre-created standard pages ready for your content.
    • All content provided by you will be installed on the designs on pre-made pages.
    • Leading Plugins to help with basic website Search Engine Optimization.
    • Your Predesigned Website will be ready within 15 business days.
    • Up To A 50% Savings On Other Designing Services To Help Enhance Your Pre-design!


  • How To Order One Of Our Pre-Made Designs

    As with Everything we do, we pride ourselves in ensuring that the client's goals are met.  So for you to order one of our pre-made designs, You Must Setup a Consultation to review your project.  

    • Once You See The Design You Like. Take Note of the Design Niche type & Design #
    • Once You have viewed and played with the Demo, Click next button on the lower right of the websites demo page
    • You, Will, be Take To Our "Contact Form" where you can send us an "order" message 
    • Fill out the quick simple form, provide as much information as you can.
    • We will then get back to you ASAP (in most cases less than a business day.
    • Once we connect with you, we will set up a pre-design consultation.  

    During the Pre-Design Consultation, we will review your needs, goals, niche, what your desired achievement is from your new pre-design.  This will allow us to ensure the design you picked will help with your goals.  We will suggest a few options and review the details of your project.  Once we are in agreement we will invoice you for the design price.