5 Email Marketing Campaign Mistakes That Can Cost You Dearly

4 years ago

Hello Profit Beaconers, Auggie here and I wanted to share a great article on email marketing.  I hear so often from my clients that, “My email marketing is not worth it”  or “No one is clicking on my links in my email I send them”  Well this might be all true, but let’s not blame it on the email marketing.  Let’s see what we are doing, or even better, what are we NOT doing!  So when dinner comes out crappy. do we blame the dinner or the face the fact that we didn’t follow a good recipe?

You’ve been able to increase your email open rates. And that’s awesome! It seems like you’re getting this whole email marketing thing down.  It’s definitely frustrating. But, regardless of whether you’re B2B or B2C, it may simply be because you’ve made the following mistakes. No worries though. We’ll walk you through how to avoid these common email marketing campaign mistakes so that you won’t repeat them in the future.


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