Digital Marketing Plans for Real Estate Agents that Drives in Quick Results

4 years ago

Digital Marketing Plans for Real Estate Agents that Drives in Quick Results

With the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to plan, forecast, and look ahead what’s next for real estate agents. The real estate market has been transformed dramatically with the widespread usage of social media and other digital marketing channels over the last decade.

According to the recent reports from the National Association of Realtors, 92% of home buyers used the Internet as a source of information during the house-hunting process. It is also estimated that more than 72% of home buyers use a mobile device to look for a home.

So, before diving into why a great digital marketing plan is crucial for a real estate agent, here we list a few real estate statistics you must pay attention to.

  • 73% of homeowners agree that they are more likely to list with a real estate agent who is offering to do a video.
  • The prospective home buyers look at 20000 homes per hour using a real estate app.
  • The real estate industry has a larger presence on Facebook and YouTube but still needs to catch up on Twitter.
  • 79% of real estate agents use Facebook, 48% use Twitter, 29% use LinkedIn, 15% use WordPress, 12% use YouTube, 5% use blogger platforms, 4% use Flickr and 2% use Tumblr for their marketing and brand exposure.
  • Online searches by homeowners are translating into increased activity with 45% performing a walk-through after viewing a home online.
  • The number of online real estate leads has been raised by up to 65% in 2017.

In addition to the above statistics, here we’ve listed the first step taken by the prospects during the home buying process.

  •  44% of home buyers looked online for properties for sale
  • 17% of home buyers contacted a real estate agent via online
  • 13% of home buyers searched online for information about the home buying process
  • 18% of Millennial looked online for real estate information
  • 53% of Young Boomers looked online for properties for sale

 The above statistical data clearly reveals that a clear digital marketing plan for real estate agents is crucial. Real estate agents must use a digital marketing plan to build a strong brand image, generate more leads, and engage with existing customers. Since most of the primary searches for properties and realtors are made online, it is essential to find out the best real estate marketing strategies that boost their online presence.

Digital Marketing Tactics for Real Estate Agents


We all have heard enough about SEO. But, the notch is optimizing your website’s content, and web pages with the right keywords can improve the traffic to your website and enhances the visibility in the search results. To determine the best keywords for your real estate business, use the right keyword research tool. Focus on long-tail keywords to get the attention of the leads that are searching for a property in the local housing market.

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages

Did you know having an attractive landing page will draw qualified prospects to your website and can convert them into subscribers? So, it is significant to mix your sales and digital marketing tactics to work together and target the right audience with the best offer.

Shareable Content

According to the recent research reports, 47% of buyers have viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a real estate agent. So, create informative, intriguing, and shareable content such as blogs, articles, podcasts, webinars, infographics, and more to grab the attention of the prospects who are researching the housing market.

E-mail Marketing

Recent reports suggest that 86% of the customers would like to receive promotional e-mails from companies they do business with at least monthly, while 15% would like to get them daily.

Email marketing is considered to be one of the best digital marketing tactics for real estate agents to generate leads and establish themselves as a neighborhood expert. So, it’s the right time to begin an email newsletter to generate a strong subscription base for local homeowners.


Unlike print advertising, PPC advertising is less costly and don’t rely exclusively on AdWords. So, make sure that your PPC advertising is a part of larger marketing and sales strategy.

Affiliate Marketing

Have you ever given a thought on how successful online influencers are earning their supplemental income? They are earning it by sponsoring products and endorsing services.

One of the easiest marketing strategies you can implement as a real estate agent is to find affiliates who share your values and partner with them to drive exposure for you and them.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a vital component of any real estate agent’s lead generation strategy. It allows real estate agents to deliver real-time, personalized marketing messages to prospective clients throughout the sales process when utilized to its maximum. This can also magnify customer experience by tailoring custom messages with a series of automated email based on the customer interests. This cutting-edge technology provides real estate agents with a comprehensive 360-degree view of every data point in their marketing campaigns.


The primary objective of chatbots for real estate marketing is to prequalify website visitors and transform them into leads. These bots are intelligent lead-capture forms that communicate with visitors and respond to the visitors’ inquiries intelligently and accurately. Here are a few benefits of chatbots for real estate marketing.

  • Better conversion rates compared to landing pages
  • Minimum cost per lead
  • Pre-qualify leads and learn about their preferences. This reduces your time, and you can spend time only with the interested leads.
  • Automated follow-ups.

Social Media

As a real estate agent, actively engaging on social media channels allow you to connect with your local clientele and boost your real estate marketing efforts. Here are a few tips you must consider before tapping on social media for your real estate digital marketing strategy.

  • Understand your options and choose the right social platform that is good for real estate agents to show off their spectacular listings. These options include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and more.
  • When you post the right thing on the social media channels at the right time, it can go viral and drives in more traffic. So, always keep this in your mind while creating social media marketing strategies. Always include a response option such as a call or e-mail to respond quickly to any and all leads.
  • Write social posts that grab the attention of the audience and provides helpful information. Always, take an oath to deliver better content each time you share a post on social media. This makes you a go-to real estate pro worth spending time with.
  • Who doesn’t love moving pictures? When it comes to social media, put videos of your listings and anything else viewers might find helpful in your posts, and you could capture more followers. Also, do an open house using Facebook Live to interact with various potential buyers and scale up your sales.
  • Perform a competitor analysis on how effectively they are using the social media channels to gain some insights and generate ideas that you could use on your own social media posts.

Attractive Website Design

In addition to all the above features, having a better website design will play a key role in turning your website’s visitors into prospective clients. If you want to generate more online leads, then your website design must be both beautiful and attractive. Moreover, your real estate website must be optimized for mobile users since 72% of the searchers for home or property sales are made using a mobile device.

Always remember, if you are not branding in a place where more than 75% of homebuyers are, then you are not doing enough with your digital marketing plan for real estate agents. So, invest in the places where your target audience is and where you can improve the home buying process.

The Bottom Line

Digital marketing trends and plans for real estate agents are constantly changing. Today, establishing a strong online presence has become more than setting up a website and send e-mails. So, it’s crucial to figure out the right digital platform your business and utilize the right tool that effectively establishes your brand, improve customer engagement and generates more leads. If you are focusing on getting your brand and name out in front of potential clients, craft the right digital marketing plan that delivers quality results. Take a good, hard look at your current real estate marketing strategy to measure its performance and make the necessary changes to get the best results. With the right digital marketing strategy, you will be equipped with the right tool to grow your business, engage your prospects, build your reputation, and forecast you as a true real estate pro.

So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with us to create an effective digital marketing plan for real estate and make 2019 a year to remember.

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