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Auggie Diaz

CEO & Senior business Consultant for, With broad-based experience in senior business management, proven with management of over $100 million in retail sales yearly, and strong analysis of P&L in Auggie's previous executive roles, He does understand what it takes for small business to grow & profit.

As a consummate digital marketing expert, Auggie's willing to leverage his 15+ years enriching experience in internet marketing consulting services for diverse clients, to establish a sales plan that will jump-start an enviable development in your business.

Ask8 is a New York-based digital marketing agency that helps organizations easily understand how to leverage their brand for increased website traffic and sales.

Voted Top Marketing Consultant In NYC

Voted Top Marketing Consultant In USA

Voted Top Video Production Agency NY

Voted Top Video Production Agency USA

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​Some people may say I'm particular, some may say I'm a pain in the you know what, but Auggie never wavered from delivering first class service, great advice, detailed explanations, and great edits every time I called or emailed him.......


Gordon Coyle


​I have to say working with Auggie Diaz has been a real pleasure. He's been completely responsive to my needs, very flexible, and takes my business as seriously as he takes his own. He has made a practice of being on budget and on time, and he's done a great job. I feel as though I didn't hire a marketing company so much as gained a partner and a friend.......


​Mark Abrams

Digital marketing agency, Ask8, has been working with successful brands for more than 25 years to maximize their online exposure and help increase sales.

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