Importance of Google Maps for Your Business In 2019

4 years ago

If you’re walking through unfamiliar streets, navigating public transportation or driving through the day, you seek the help of Google Maps to reach your destination safely. This is the reason why Google Maps’ growing its popularity, and has become crucial for businesses to register with Google Maps. Did you know 67% of smartphone users prefer Google maps to find your business? Also, research says, Google Maps is 6 times more popular than other navigation app and software.

What Google Maps Do For Your Business?

Google Places’ focus on local searches and makes it easier for customers to find you. After listing your business name, contact name, address details on the Google maps, your business becomes visible and became searchable on Google.  By doing this, your business will have a strong online presence, and it will be very easy for users while they try to find your business.

For example: If you own a jewel shop, and if someone need diamond ring  in your area, he or she will search “diamond ring” in search engine (Google) and he/ she will only be presented with relevant local businesses that are registered on Google Maps. This is how Google Maps works on your business.

Google Maps Gets an Important New Feature

Google Maps is getting an important update that will keep remove the location data simply. One of the biggest criticisms people have about Google is how it tracks your location even if you’ve asked it not to. The mode will automatically delete your location history without the need for you to enter a pesky menu and do it yourself. This is a good but arguably long-overdue feature which gives users back some control over how Google manages private data.

Local SEO: How to Rank Your Business in Google Maps and Search

By ensuring your Google maps marketing is on point, you will create added visibility for your business and in turn more sales. Yes, Google maps provide local businesses with a significant opportunity to market to the local area and the people within it. But, to implement it you have to contact the SEO expert and choose your SEO package.

Here we have shared few things that you need to know about ranking for Google maps in 2019.

  1. Ranking Evaluations

Once you change everything above but still have low rankings, then you have to consider these two things that is listed below.

  • Take advantage of Google Map Tools for Google My Business services and increase the potential for more organic visits.
  • Know more about your competitor who currently ranks higher than your citations. Also, check if they’re in any directories that you’re not in. If so, get added and join them.
  1. Reviews And Rating

Request your customer for reviews and rating for your service or product. It is an easy way to score more Google reviews.

When Google sees any page that has 20 reviews or more, it will show that certain page in its mapped listings compared to other pages that do not have any reviews or lesser than yours. This aligns perfectly with Google’s search approach. It means giving the user the search result and corresponding business that is the most relevant.

  1. Embedded Google Map

If any new business man reaches the high level that they have looked for, check their contact us page. One of the things that you’ll find on their contact page is an embedded Google map. This is the reason why SEO experts use to recommend Google My Business listing for businesses. By doing so, if users look for your business, Google will list your business name with address in the first place of Google map.

So, how to embed it?

It will be easy to embed if you hire SEO professionals.

  • Search your business name when you’re in Google Maps.
  • Click on three lines which are beside your business name.
  • There will be an option called “Share or Embed Map”.
  • Once that’s selected, embed map option will be displayed on the new pop-up box.
  • Then, copy the iframe code and paste it into your website’s Contact page.

This helps you improve your Google My Business ranking, and it might just be the most important factor of all.

  1. NAP on Your Website

The SEO experts are great in listing the details with keywords for the header or footer of your website, so the NAP shows up on every page. They will list out your business name, address, and your phone number as well on your own website at the Google Map.

  1. Consistent NAP

The way in which your business NAP gets listed in these various directories has to be current and consistent with what’s listed on the contact page of your website, as well as what you list in Google My Business.

Google’s website crawlers get really confused if your NAP is different on numerous business directories. Fortunately, there is a way to make sure you have a consistent business NAP all across the web.

The right local SEO expert will track the business listings of business men in order to see their NAP.

  1. Business Listings

Submitting your business to business directories, both local and national, is the simplest way to get listings and citations. Effective maps marketing can really be hugely beneficial in creating visibility and driving sales in the local area. So, if you want to rank high in Google My Business, then it’s really just a matter of Google being able to verify that your business is actually real. It will do this by determining how frequently your NAP is listed or cited online.

Final Recap

If you’re a business owner and not yet on Google Maps, contact the SEO expert and make use of that effective local marketing tool. They will analyze the level of your business and choose the right digital marketing package that fits your needs to rank your business.

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