Issue 4 Profit Beacon Your Digital Marketing Strategy Guide

7 years ago
profit beacon digital marketing strategy guide

Welcome to our 4th issue of Profit Beacon Your Digital Marketing Strategy Guide, helping small businesses grow their bottoms lines.  In this months issue:

How to get more online reviews.   

Online reviews are extremely important to your local and global ranking on the major search engines.  Very often the difference between you and your competitors is how solid your reviews are.  

Why outsourcing your marketing needs is smart business for your business.

We outsource so much of our lives, lawn care, house repairs, car maintenance and more.  We know that it’s smarter to have experts help with these everyday tasks, that we could do ourselves, but it’s better if they do it.  So tell me, why don’t you do this for your digital marketing?

10 website tricks to get more visitors.

Traffic and gaining new customers is what it’s about.  Let’s read some really easy to implement tips and tricks to drive more traffic and customers.  

How to keep your customers coming back and coming back and coming back…

It’s so much easier to sell your clients over and over again, then it is to try and get new customers.  So let’s chat about some ideas to help repeat business

Our Digital Marketing Strategy Guide is a monthly digital magazine that provides marketing strategy for small businesses to help you grow your sales online.  It’s presented in Magazine format and provides over 15 to 20 pages of good reading that will help your bottom line grow.  I have worked at making millions in sales for large chain family-owned companies my whole life.  Now it’s time I share my knowledge with the local businesses who truly can use my professional advise   Auggie Diaz Senior Consultant Ask8 & Profit Beacon

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Let's Check Out Some RESOURCE Articles

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One of the best blogs to bookmark, besides ours lol, is Moz Blog.  They are an authority with SEO, Local Marketing & More!  So Click Here to Visit Moz Blog 

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I am Auggie Diaz, Owner, and Senior Internet Marketing Consultant at - a digital marketing firm that helps small businesses to generate traffic through cutting edge marketing tools. As A Consultant & Tech Coordinator To The Largest Real Estate Agency on Long Island NY, As A Consultant to Allstate Insurance Agencies & A Small Businesses Owner/Senior Manager of 25+ Years. I speak to topics based on my experience, not opinion. All the best to your success!

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