Digital Marketing Business & Website Check Up

When you are sick you go to a doctor to get a check up.  So when your business is sick why aren't you getting a business checked up?

Hello, I am Dr Auggie Diaz, Digital Marketing Doctor.  OK maybe not a doctor, but as a internet marketing consultant, I know what a healthy website and business should look like.  So just like a doctor would do for your body.  I can do for your website and business.    

Digital Marketing Medical Excellence

Understand what's wrong with your website, with your social network and even what's wrong with how the internet views your business online is key to fixing it.  You have two choices with your business:  1.  You can continue to ignore it and wonder why you are not converting leads, getting traffic to your website or gaining new business. or 2 you can do a few checks below and see where the issues are and than plan on to fix them.  

The Best Digital Marketing Care You Can Get


Best Patient Comfort

Our Aim is simple, to explain the good, bad and the ugly of your businesses presence online so you can rest easy knowing what the issues are.


High Profile Doctors With 30+ years of running businesses, 15+ years of digital marketing experience our team can diagnose your digital marketing problems. 


In-Depth Lab Reports

Below are some forms that will provide you & us with reports that will explain in pretty good detail why your business is sick.  


High End Treatment

We offer free professional marketing advice, action plans, newest marketing strategies at the fairest prices, performed at the highest standards.  

All 3 Reports Provide Very Important Information On The Health of Your Business & Website.  

Our Fields of Specialization

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    Local SEO & Niche Marketing
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    Social Media Marketing
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    Inbound Content Marketing
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    Video Creation & Marketing
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    Local Directory Marketing
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    Business Consulting & Sales Coaching
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    Real Estate & Insurance Agents
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    Local Retail Stores
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    Local Businesses 

Local SEO Search Engine Optimization A Critical Health Check That Your Business Needs To Pass!  

SEO Means Search Engine Optimization.  SEO is a set of rules that once implemented on your website & in your business, should help you rank on your keywords better organically on Google & other search engines.  So this report will tell us what your website lacks in SEO so we can come up with a solution to fix it.     

More and more searchers (especially on mobile devices) are looking for local businesses.  Local SEO can help your business stand out.   These Digital Marketing Health Reports  will allow you learn how to use local ranking factors like name, address and phone number (NAP) and customer reviews to rise to the top of organic results and even get featured in the Local Snack Pack
(Local Map On Google).     

Want to talk about your score call: 718-865-8859

SEO Is Not The Only Important Health Factor For Your Website or Business.  Your Local NAP Citation is Extremely Important!

NAP stands for Name, Address & Phone Number, it's a very important factor in local SEO.  The accuracy & consistency of your NAP is important to Google & your ranking on major search engines.         

View The Video Below To Learn a Bit About Local Directory Citations & Use The Simple Form To Run A Directory Report!


Get Found Online!

Enter a Business Name and Zip Code

A local citation is any online mention of your businesses name, address, & phone number. Citations can occur on local business directories, on websites, and on social platforms. Citations help Internet users discover your local business & can also impact local search engine rankings          

Another Key Factor To Your Local SEO is Your Reviews or lack of Reviews Online!  

Your Reputation & Reviews Online is Critical for your local online ranking.  Bad reviews are not the only factor that can hurt your local ranking, not having any reviews can hurt almost as much

View The Videos Below To Learn a Bit About Reputation & Reviews, Also Use The Simple Form To Allow us to Run your Review Report!

You have a lot of Information Here To Review.  
If it's All Good, Then congratulations your business health is excellents.  If You Want to Now Know How To Take Your Business To The Next level Click The Big Red Button Above!
If it's not looking good, then you are like most local businesses and in need of some medical care.  No Worries, all you need to do is click on the big red button above to schedule a no obligation 30 min's review and action plan.       

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