• #Ask8now – Three Best Options For #SocialMediaMarketing Success
    Here are the three top ways to use #socialmedia
    marketing to your advantage – no matter what
    line of #business you are in!

    Three Best Options For Social Media Marketing Success

    If you are new to the concept of social media marketing, then the concepts might seem
    completely foreign to you. Luckily, once you understand just a few basics about how to use
    social media marketing to your advantage, you’ll enjoy increased business success faster than
    you can probably imagine.

    Here are the three top ways to use social media marketing to your advantage – no matter what line of business you are in!

    Not On Facebook? Open An Account!


    Yes, Facebook started as a way for college students to communicate – but it’s so much more than that now! If your business does not have a Facebook presence, you are making a major marketing mistake, and even worse, you’re probably paying more than you should to market your business. Facebook is an inexpensive way to reach a wide range of clients and truly connect with them.

    With Facebook, you can broadcast catchy new marketing campaigns as soon as you think of them. You can let your friends and fans know about new products you have, and you can clue them in to an upcoming sale. You can give them a sense of pride for dealing with a local business. Whatever the case may be, Facebook can be your new best friend – literally.

    What’s So Great About Twitter? Tweet For Success!


    Twitter is one of the best ways to keep your contacts updated about anything. Whether you’re changing your hours, running a lunch special, or offering a bargain on a repeat service for existing customers, tweeting to customers gives them an immediate reminder that you are thinking of them, and value them. It also gives you a platform for creating a feeling of immediate need, for whatever it is you’re offering, within your customers’ minds.

    ASK8 To Manage Your Social Media


    As the owner or manager of a small business, you have enough on your plate. You probably work long hours, and the last thing you want is one more task to take on – especially one that might seem completely foreign. Get ASK8 to take on the task of maintaining your social media marketing. You’ll reap all the benefits, and your return on investment will be incredible.