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Are you overwhelmed with numerous small tasks, losing sight of your bigger goals? It’s time to consider a Virtual Assistant.

Virtual Assistants (VAs) are the ultimate solution to tackle a ton of task, social marketing, content marketing, communication with buyers, & sellers, working your transaction, and so much more.

Leave the search for your ideal VA to our experienced team. We will not only find the perfect match for your requirements but also provide comprehensive training on utilizing our highly effective Ask8 lead generation system. This way, you can focus on what truly matters – maximizing your revenue and achieving success.



$699 Setup

Then $549 monthy after 30 days



$699 setup

Then $899 monthly after 30 days



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Setup usually takes 7-14 days per VA and depends on what training is required. However, sometimes we have the perfect person ready to go so give us a ring!


We usually require a simple meeting with our team to find out what is needed and your current situation. Once things are clear we can move on to the production of the content. If you don’t feel like a zoom call we can communicate with email only!

Training is given for using PowLeads and HL and a few other software like PowConnect and groups pro depending on your needs.

Each VA is also trained with appointment setting through social media, Facebook group building and the usual things like replying to emails etc. 

We only choose people with brilliant English skills and ensure all VA’s have correction software installed just in case!


Your new fully trained VA will have daily tasks to achieve. In their first week, they will aim to achieve all of these tasks and update us and you if the tasks are too little or too much to achieve in the hours given.

Your new VA will also provide daily updates, keeping you up to date with any issues, changes and NEW LEADS!


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