• Video Marketing FAQs

  • How can video marketing help my company?  Videos marketing can be a profitable marketing method for any business in any sector. When performed correctly, it helps drive in new traffic, build a loyal customer base, and establish your company as a leader in the industry. As a result, you can expect a significant increase in sales.

    Videos are preferred by consumers over written content and can help deliver your message quickly and more efficiently. The potential benefits are enormous, but it’s vital you use the latest techniques and trends to stay ahead of your competitors.

    Why should I use your company instead of marketing the video myself?  While it is possible to market your videos, it’s a very time-consuming, complicated process. There are a lot of mistakes you could end up making which could waste your time and drain your budget while producing zero results.

    Ask8 has years of experience creating, optimizing and distributing videos across multiple digital channels. We know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work. By hiring our company, it frees up a lot of time for you to concentrate on running your business and also guarantees professional, useful results. 

    Will my video be accessible to everyone?  Yes. We can optimize your video for a wide range of media channels. This allows you to distribute your video to several target audiences. We’ll discuss your requirements and come up with a video marketing plan that best fits your company’s needs. We also ensure all videos are accessible via desktop, mobile and tablet devices. So no matter how your target audience is choosing to get online, they’ll be able to see your video clearly, without any issues.

    How quickly will I see results?  Results can be viewed in a matter of days in some cases, but it all depends on your specific requirements and level of competition. We work hard to ensure that your videos are noticed as quickly as possible and will be able to give you a better timescale after discussing your overall goals and objectives. 

    How will I know if your video marketing service is working?  As well as actually seeing more traffic being driven to your website, we provide monthly reports. These will not show you exactly who has viewed your videos, but it will show how many people have watched them and highlight where your videos are getting the most attention. 

    What will it cost?  The exact costs will be determined once we have discussed your requirements. We tailor our video marketing services to fit each business so prices do vary.

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