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Let's Review your goals no matter what they are, We offer a full range of consulting services to help grow sales, drive leads, real estate, Internet marketing & much more!

2nd Review Your Branding Needs


Let's review your branding needs with, personal branding. web design, social media branding, logos & any of your graphic needs that can make you stand out from your competition. Ask8.com a huge assortment of branding options

3rd Marketing Plan To Drive Sales


Internet Marketing spans a great deal of various tools to help you drive traffic and sales. Knowing what will work for your small business is our number 1 priority

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A combination You Will not find in many other internet marketing firms.  

All projects are coordinated through our Senior Business Consultant, who has been running NYC based retail chains for over 25 years, hitting volumes of over $100 Million in sales.  Working with an award winning Internet Marketing/Design Team with over 15 years of online digital marketing success.  

We are crammed with expertise essential to create your website, build your brand and provide you with the latest and greatest ways to marketing your business online.  It’s our goal to improve and simplify your project by managing everything from starting to finish. We only need to know about your main goal for your business.

In a world where most advertising and marketing agencies are focused on maximizing their own profits, as quickly as possible, we take a different approach.  Our business philosophy is that our clients’ business growth is the main priority, not our own.  We would rather have a small handful of extremely happy clients, that will help us grow, as opposed to thousands of clients who are indifferent about our services.

Prior to recommending any internet marketing service to our clients and prospective clients, a great deal of planning goes into each program.  You can be certain, when we make a particular recommendation, that there is an extremely good reason for the strategy and service we’re suggesting.

As opposed to large internet marketing agencies that typically only work with multi-million dollar clients, our focus is on small-to-medium sized businesses and business professionals.  In light of the fact that our typical client usually has a much smaller budget, as compared to large corporations, with multi-million dollar advertising budgets, we recognize that every dollar must be used in the most efficient and effective manner possible.

If you decide to work with us, you will not be a number on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet.  We deeply value the fact that, behind each business we work with, there are real people, with real responsibilities, and often real families that depend on the success of the businesses with whom we work.  We approach each new program with a deep sense of responsibility, to deliver results that will exceed your expectations.  Please remember, we do not offer any long-term contracts, so we earn our fee each and every month!

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Internet Marketing Strategy

Understanding that knowledge is power in todays competitive small business market, than providing you with the knowledge of how various internet marketing services can help your small business would be one powerful tool, in your tool belt.  Introducing our Internet Marketing Strategy blog  that will provide a wealth of knowledge that will allow you to better understand the various digital marketing tools and how it will best work for you and your business.  Below are a few of our latest internet marketing strategy post, feel free to visit our Internet Marketing Strategy blog to get a head of your competitors.     

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