2 Easy Tips on How to Improve Your Local Business Facebook Fanpage

2 Easy Tips on How to Improve Your Local Business Facebook Fanpage
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Having a Facebook fanpage for your #localbusiness is a wise #internetmarketing strategy that leverages on the popularity of social media. But not every fanpage is properly designed and optimized to generate more leads. Here are a few tips on how to improve your local business fanpage.

  1. Create Landing Pages

It is possible to create specific landing pages right on your Facebook fanpage just as you do on your website. As you know, landing pages are an effective means of getting conversions as they provide a distraction-free call to action. You can create opt-in pages, coupon or free deal pages, welcome pages or whatever landing pages that suits your business.

Furthermore you can direct different users to land on specific pages based on where they are coming from. For example, if you created a Facebook ad asking people to join your fanpage, you can take them to a landing page that asks them to click like to become a fan. Or if you are directing traffic to your free report in exchange for their email address, you can link them to an opt-in landing page.

  1. Profile Image

Most local business owners make the mistake on not capitalizing on the profile image on their Facebook fanpage, yet it is the most commanding and attractive feature of any fanpage. The ability of graphic images to capture a Facebook users attention outranks any status update, yet few local business fanpages really take advantage of this.

The profile image should be bold and bright and use all the allocated space for the best exposure. You can also include text and arrows within the profile image to point users to your content or point them to a call to action. For example, you can use text and arrows to point non-fans to ‘like’ your fanpage and become a fan. Or you can use text and arrows pointing fans to your free coupon link.