3 Essential Items To Help You Build Your Local Business Email List

3 Essential Items To Help You Build Your Local Business Email List
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#Ask8now – Setting up an #email #marketing system for your #localbusiness isn’t as complicated as some people make it out to be. There are 3 basic resources you need to put in place before you can start building your list.

  1. Autoresponder

An autoresponder is simply a company that administrates or manages your email list on auto pilot. You should chose an autoresponder service that is 100% reliable, offers innovative services like email segmentation and tracking, and one that is compatible with your current systems. Above all, it should be easy to use and offer excellent customer service support.

  1. Free gift

Wooing your visitors to subscribe to your email list is made easier by offering a valuable free resource that won’t break your local business bank account. The most efficient way to do this is by offering digital products like free eBooks, tutorials and courses or incentives such as access to coupons, discounts, and free membership.

The important thing is to tailor the free gift to suit the desires of your target market. For example, a hairdressing school may use a 7 day free hair styling e-course to attract potential students while a hairdressing salon could offer a coupon for a free color treatment with every haircut.

  1. Squeeze page

Once you have set up your free gift and opened an account with an auto responder company, the next crucial element to consider is your squeeze page. This is literally where the action takes place because all your traffic is going to be directed to this page and this is where they will make the all-important decision to either sign up or click away.

A squeeze page should be well designed, have clear instructions on what you want your visitor to do and compelling copy that appeals to them. It should not have any distracting features such as sales messages or links to other pages that will break the attention of your visitor.