3 Important Tabs Every Local Business Facebook Fanpages Should Have

3 Important Tabs Every Local Business Facebook Fanpages Should Have
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#Ask8 – One way of optimizing your #local #business Facebook #fanpage is to create tabs. Although tabs are now known as iFrames and appear on the left side bar instead of the top navigation bar, they still serve the same function. Here are three important tabs or iFrames you ought to create on your fanpage.

  1. A Welcome tab

This is the tab where you direct first time visitors to your fanpage from various links such as from your Facebook ads, YouTube Videos or website articles. It is important for new visitors to land on your welcome page so that they have an orderly and positive initial interaction with your fanpage. If they just landed on your wall, they would feel lost amidst all the interaction with your long time fans and not know how to join the flow.

By directing them to a welcome page, you can introduce yourself to them and create a simple entry point for them into your fanpage. For example, you can have a call to action that directs them to click the like button to access content or special promotions.

  1. Notes tab

The Notes Tab is where you can add lengthy content to your fanpage. Instead of posting a long article to your status update, it is better to post it under the notes tab and your fans can then access this long form content there.

So what exactly do people put in the notes tab? They put anything from articles, new stories, press releases, and training’s to detailed instructions, notices, policies, terms and conditions and rules of engagement.

  1. About Us Page

Look at the About Us page as a detailed business card that gives information about your company. Apart from basic information about your company physical address, telephone contacts and website address, you can use the opportunity to introduce your local business products or services, to highlight your successes, to explain your business values and ethics and display your accreditation’s or other professional certifications. Make sure that all your online information is hyperlinked so that people can click through to your website or blog.