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How To Build Blog Network Backlinks

If you are looking for a way to build lots of contextual backlinks from a wide variety of sources, you may want to consider using blog networks. Blog networks are basically a group of blogs owned by a single person or a group of blog owners.

How blog networks work blog networks

Blog networks allow you to post articles containing your backlinks to their blogs in exchange for a fee. You can chose a monthly subscription based on the number of blogs you want to submit content to, so you can find something within your budget.

Advantages of blog networks

Although this is a paid method of sourcing backlinks, it can save you a lot of time if you don’t want to do the tedious job of looking for high page rank blogs to comment on or that will accept you as a guest blogger. Plus the backlinks from blog networks are more permanent and from high page rank authority sites, so your money may be better spent than using just free methods.

Examples of blog networks

  • Build my rank
  • Authority link network
  • Article marketing automation
  • Article ranks
  • Linkvana

Most of these blog networks require you to submit original or unique articles, though some allow content in the spun format. You can include between 1 to 3 contextual backlinks within your article, but each blog network has its own policies so make sure you read them before subscribing to their service.

Can you build your own blog network?

Building your own blog network is definitely an option though one must consider the costs and time it takes to build one. If you have sufficiently developed your SEO skills, you can easily buy high page rank blogs or expired domains on domain auctions, and build an arsenal of your own blogs where you can post your content for free and build backlinks in the process. You can even turn it into a side business and rent backlinks to other business owners.


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