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    How To Create A Google Analytics Account For Your Local Business Website: Part 2

    In a previous article, ‘How To Create A Google Analytics Account For Your Local Business Website: Part 1’, we looked at the first steps in creating a Google Analytics account and in this article we will complete the last 2 steps.

    1. Grant access to other users

    This section allows you to add other people you may have hired to handle your Analytics account so that they can have access to the data and reports

    • Enter their Google email account, first name and last name
    • Choose what you want them to have access to using the Access Type drop down menu. You can choose either of 2 options: view reports only or Account Administrator which allows them to view reports and also edit the account settings
    • If you choose the view reports only option, you need to choose the profiles or the website you want them to have access to. You can do this by adding the profiles to the Selected Profiles List.
    • Click on Finish to add the new user.

    2. Get your Tracking Code

    You have now set up your website profiles and need to get your tracking code so that you can insert it into your website and be able to get reports from Google Analytics about your websites traffic activity.

    • On the website profiles page, all websites which don’t have a tracking code will have the term ‘Tracking Unknown’ displayed next to the profile.
    • To get the tracking code, click on the ‘check status’.
    • Your tracking code will appear with its own Analytics ID. This code is then copied and pasted into your websites HTML so that it is on each and every page of your website
    • Once the code has been installed on each page of your website, Google Analytics will start collecting data from your website which you will be able to access in about 24 hours. Armed with this information you can compare your local business with its direct competition and also improve your online strategy to get better results.


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