Why Every Local Business Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

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#Ask8now – Why Every Local #Business Needs a #Mobile Optimized #Website
Apart from having a regular website, here are some key reasons why
a mobile optimized website is necessary to every local business owner

Why Every Local Business Needs a Mobile Optimized Website

Apart from having a regular website, every local business owner should consider getting a mobile optimized website for their business for these key reasons:

1. Mobile technology has grown astronomically over the past couple of years. It is estimated that 91% or 285 million Americans are mobile phone subscribers and are increasingly using the phone for text messaging and Mobile web access. Even in developing nations, people may not have running water or decent housing but they still own a mobile phone. Mobile phones are no longer the preserve of just the elite few, but have become a common place device that even kids own. To ignore the business potential of reaching out to your customers through the mobile medium is akin to committing commercial suicide

2. Mobile phone devices have developed from the simple cell phone that can make calls and send/receive text messages. Now smart phones are all the rage and they have such tremendous capabilities that they are like a phone, a computer, a TV and personal organizer all rolled into one. People can now access the internet from their phones not just their computers. Not optimizing your site for mobile means will definitely lead to lost business.

3. Due to the portable nature of mobile phones and their small size, more and more people are using their phones to go online rather than using their personal computers. Coupled with the proliferation of wireless hotspots in public areas, mobile phone users can access the internet from more places like shopping malls, restaurants and colleges. They find it more convenient and less of a hassle as they can use their mobile phones while on the go. It also provides them access to their favorite social media connections like Facebook and Twitter, helps them to get directions using the GPS applications and provides them with entertainment as they listen to music and play computer games. In other words, more and more people are choosing the mobile phone as the internet connection of choice.


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