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    Facebook Ad Headlines- 10 More Tips To Create Killer Headlines

    In our last article, ‘Facebook Ads- How to create Attention Grabbing Headlines that Work’, we looked at why it was important to write great headlines and we explored 5 headline templates to help you get started.

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    This article shows you 10 more templates to supercharge your headline writing.

    1. The Direct Command Headline- this headline commands your reader to do something. It’s like a call to action.

    E.g. Slash your mortgage; Negotiate your home loan; Call for free consult

    2. The Promise Information Headline- this promises to give your reader useful information by using words like secrets, tips (note how I used that in my headline!), laws, rules, steps etc

    E.g. Steps to Home Ownership; Secret to Whiter Teeth; Best Weight Loss Tips

    3. The Testimonial Headline- provides your reader with someone else’s endorsement or opinion of your business. This works very well when you target your ad to a demographic that has the endorser in your readers’ Facebook profile interests.

    E.g. GOP okays Carpet Cleaners; Beyonce dines at Megu

    4. The Authentic Headline- uses authentic yet peculiar facts that provides honest and truthful copy that can be trusted

    E.g. Ex-Marine releases fitness program; Dentist invents bad breath cure.

    5. The Who Headline- this asks your reader a question about a pre-existing desire compelling them to say “yes, me too” or “ yes, I do”

    E.g. Who Hates Dental Visits?; Who else loves seafood pizza? ; Who wants a Bulls ticket?

    6. The Get Rid Headline- works like a charm for problems of all kinds such as medical conditions, physical ailments, pests, etc

    E.g. Get Rid of Black Mold; Get rid of arthritis today

    7. The Quick Way Headline- offers your reader an easy and fast way to solve an irritating problem in their lives.

    E.g. Quick Way to Kill Bedbugs; Acne-free skin in 5 days

    8. The Do Something Like Someone Headline- this headline tells your reader to do something like someone they admire.

    E.g. Dance like Michael Jackson; Cook like Martha Stewart; Write like Hemingway

    9. The Now You Can Have Headline- shows readers how they can satisfy a desire or dream they have for a long time.

    E.g. Now You can be a size 10; Now you can own a home; Now you can make that speech, Now you can own a Lexus

    10. The Have Something You Can Be Proud of Headline- this appeals to the readers sense of pride, shame or vanity

    E.g. Have a 6 pack you can brag about; Have a smile you can be proud of; Get the forgiveness you need.

    — Hope these 10 headline tips sky rocket your ad’s click-through rates. —

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