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    How to Get Traffic to Your Local Business Website Using Yahoo Answers

    One of the secrets to succeeding in any business, both online and offline, is solving peoples problems. Yahoo Answers provides an online platform for the local business owner to provide high quality and informed answers to people who are actively seeking solutions to their problems and allows you to siphon targeted traffic to your squeeze page that typically have very high opt-in rates.

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    How to use Yahoo Answers

    •  First sign up at www.answers.yahoo.com
    •  Find questions to answer. You can use two ways to do this:

    1. Click on the Browse Categories Tab and chose from the list the niche that relates to your local business website. In the ensuing windows, keep drilling down to specific topics then view the unanswered questions in the Open Tab or

    2. Click the Advanced Search link and use the various options to search for more specific content. The options provided are keywords, category, location, question status, number of answers and date submitted. At the bottom of the screen you have the international versions of Yahoo Answers which can be especially helpful if you have a foreign client base.

    • Select questions relevant to your local business niche. Filter through the questions to find those asked by people in your target market. If you are a tax accountant servicing the 35-55 age group, then avoid answering questions being asked by 20 year olds.
    • As you answer questions, you rack up points. As a beginner, you can answer 20 questions a day and you get 2 points for every answer and 10 points if your answer is voted the best. Once your reach 250 points, you can now answer 40 questions a day.
    • Insert your links into your answers. If you do this part wrong you could easily get your Yahoo Answers account suspended so tread carefully. It’s best to develop your reputation in Yahoo Answers before adding links to your website.

    1. First answer around 50 questions without inserting any links and try to get voted for best answer as much as possible. This shouldn’t be too hard using your professional knowledge and practical insights gained from working at your local business.

    2. Then insert links to your webpage in 1 out of every 10 questions you answer from that point on. Make sure you provide relevant links. A great way to do this is to create articles in your website about the question before you answer it and then when you do, you can link to that article in your blog where people can get further information.

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