Some Ideas To Help You Create Your Local Business YouTube Videos

Some Ideas To Help You Create Your Local Business YouTube Videos
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Get everyone on your #channel and other #viewers
onto your #email list and here are a few ideas..

Some Ideas To Help You Create Your Local Business YouTube Videos

As a local business owner, YouTube provides a potent channel to help your business get more prospects. By positioning your business as an authority in your industry and creating informative and interesting videos, you will easily build up a list of dedicated viewers who will view you as the ‘go-to’ person in your niche. It may not be enough just to create a YouTube channel and get people subscribed to it. The best strategy is to get everyone on your channel and other viewers onto your email list. Always have a link pointing viewers to your squeeze page. If you’re short of ideas on what type of video to create for your local business, here are a few ideas.

Beauty and Hair Industry 

  • Makeup application for different seasons and various skin types
  • Facial care demonstrations and tutorials
  • Do it yourself hair styling
  • Hair color testing
  • Product reviews
  • Celebrity hairstyle and makeup

Real Estate

  • Tutorials on how to buy a house
  • Housing inspection checklist
  • Legal tips
  • How to apply for a mortgage
  • How to spot a faulty house


  • Recipe demonstrations
  • Product reviews of kitchen equipment
  • Table manners and settings
  • How to open a bottle of wine
  • How to cook a Thanksgiving turkey
  • Tips to creating the perfect cocktail

Medical Industry

  • Doctor giving medical advice on any medical condition
  • Pre-surgery tips and advice
  • Real life surgical videos
  • Medical Equipment and Product Reviews

Building and Construction

  • How to fix everyday household repairs
  • Demonstrations of actual constructions of swimming pools, decks, extra bedrooms, extra bathrooms etc
  • Interior decoration makeovers

Car Dealership

  • How to buy a second hand car
  • How to fix a flat tire
  • How to spot problems in your car before they get serious
  • How to negotiate your car financing
  • How to trade an old car for a new one
  • Test drives of new car models


Clothing Store

  • Latest fashion for fall, winter, spring or summer seasons
  • Clothing makeovers
  • Best clothes for different body types
  • Best clothes for different age groups


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