Why Local Business Can’t Afford To Ignore Mobile Marketing

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#Ask8now – Why #LocalBusiness
Can’t Afford To Ignore #MobileMarketing
Here are 4 trends that make it crucial to
ramp up your mobile marketing..


Why Local Business Can’t Afford To Ignore Mobile Marketing

If you’ve been putting off mobile marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy it would do you well to accept the fact that mobile marketing is a powerful medium that you just can’t ignore as a local business owner. Here are 4 trends that make it crucial to every local business to ramp up their mobile marketing.

1. Google Places –Google has released a new app for the iPhone that made searching for a local business so much easier for mobile users. People are no longer just looking for a local business through their personal computer, but from their mobile phones and apps such as Google Places make that an easier, more convenient and faster process for them. That means that there are greater odds of your local business being found through a mobile app.

2. Facebook Places- this social media giant has combined the power of local search with Facebook business pages, creating a situation where people can ‘check-in’ to your physical location and let every one of their Facebook friends know about it, creating a viral marketing effect for your business

3. Social media- we all know the astonishing number of people who are on social media sites but what is more important is that greater percentages are accessing those sites through their mobile phones, be they regular phones or smart phones. This means that your Facebook Fanpage posts and Tweets have a wider audience among mobile users.

4. Location based social media-this trend combines the power of social media and local businesses. People can “check-in” at your local business and inform everyone on their social media network. As more people ‘check-in’ at your local business, your popularity ratings will go higher generating more interest, more exposure and hopefully more walk-ins.

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