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    How to Manage Your Local Business Amazon Seller Account

    Once you have set up your local business Amazon seller account, there are a number of ways to keep track of your business activities on the site. Amazon provides a wide range of tools to give you up to date, detailed information so that you are always aware of how well your local business is performing.

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    1. Inventory management.

    This allows you to the view the entire list of your current inventory and to make any necessary changes. You can edit the price, shipping options and quantity of each listed item. If you would like to see if other Amazon sellers have lower priced similar items, you can also do this. Another way to view your inventory is to relist your closed items. Closed items are those products that have either been sold, didn’t sell in the past 60 days, were removed because they violated Amazon’s terms or were personally removed by you.

    2. Order management.

    On a daily basis you can view all of your sales orders. By clicking on the order ID, you can see the particular details about that order, directly print a packaging label for that order and also contact the buyer of the product if you need to. You can also examine any refunded orders.

    3. Payment management.

    Through your payments account, you can access financial information such as your money balance, the Amazon fees deducted, any refund amounts and your bank transfer details. This provides you a detailed financial account for all your transactions.

    4. Reports.

    Amazon can provide you with detailed reports on your sales orders, customer feedback and ratings, refunds and buyer claims amongst other important information.

    5. Notifications.

    To keep you up to date with any news going on in your local business Amazon seller account, you can set up email notifications about your product listing and sales orders. Make sure that your Amazon notifications aren’t getting sent to your spam box or else you could be ignorant about what’s happening in your account.


    All this business tracking information is freely available using Amazon’s seller tools.


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