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    How The Tabloids Can Teach You To Write A Killer Facebook Ad.

    Tabloids are probably well known for all the wrong reasons but they can teach the local business owner a thing or two about creating a killer Facebook Ad. Despite their notoriety for unpleasant journalism, they seem to have an eternal supply of rapid readers and the secret behind their commercial success is they have the best paid copywriters in the industry.


    These copywriters create the most entertaining headlines and articles that even the most disinterested shopper cannot help but notice the tabloid newspaper displayed as he waits in the supermarket checkout line. Obviously there is something you can learn from these writers when you create your ad.

    Here is a simple exercise you can start today to learn from the tabloids.

    1. Go out and get copies of tabloids of all kinds. Look for bestselling newspapers and magazines in different categories like sports, beauty, celebrity news, fashion. You can even just pick tabloids that catch your eye or you can Google ‘tabloid news’, ‘tabloid magazines’ or ‘tabloid newspaper’ to view online versions.

    2. Start reading the headlines on the front page and the headlines on the inside. Which ones stand out to you?

    3. Grab a pen and paper and write down all the headlines that grab your attention.


    4. Study them thoroughly and look for what makes each headline entertaining, stimulating, lively, amusing, curious, frightening etc.

    5. Dig deeper and analyze the headlines for the particular words used, the phrases employed, the word order, the colors, the typesetting, the number of words in the copy and anything else that could give you clues on creating a killer headline.

    6. Study the pictures and images. Look at photo features such as what facial expressions capture your interest, who the subjects are in the photos, how the people positioned etc.

    7. Now use those same techniques in creating your Facebook Ad.

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