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    3 Ways to Geo-Segment Your Local Business Email List.

    It’s an accepted fact that people from a certain geographical location tend to think, behave and talk a certain way. Lumping your email list together like they all live in the same locality will definitely weaken your email marketing as a local business owner. Here are 3 ways you can segment your local business email list geographically.

    By Local Town Address

    This is especially helpful if your local business serves a lot of the local residents in your town. By getting their street address or zip code, you will be able to offer local residents ‘deals of the day’ because it will be easy for them to drive or walk to your local business. This segmentation works especially well with Twitter and Mobile Texting.

    By State

    Segmenting by state is helpful if your local business delivers or ships products across the country. States differ in climate, attitudes, current affairs, tastes and preferences. The wise local business owner will know how to structure his emails and offers according to these differences. For example, a boot factory would do better targeting the New England states with its wool lined boots suitable for the harsh winters that are typical in this location, while marketing its cowboy leather boots preferred by the Mexican-border States of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona

    By Country

    It’s no longer strange for a local business to serve international customers thanks to the power of the internet. Someone surfing the net in tsunami-hit Japan may well be interested in your company’s tent solutions while a business in beer-loving Germany would like to know about your local brewery. If a sizeable part of your email list reside in a particular country, it would be best to tailor their emails to suit their international perspective rather than always sending them emails of domestic concern that they can’t relate to.


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